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Media Release      4 February 2002

TOY FAIR 2002   

Slingshot Game Technology Inc.

Slingshot Game Technologies is pleased to present 'The Catapult' game controller, an innovative snow/skate board peripheral, the first of its kind for use in the computer and game console market.  Growth in the gaming industry during 2001 was explosive.  Catapult takes the extraordinary technological advancements that these systems have achieved - further enhancing the player's experience by creating true interactivity.

Using the Catapult requires players to stand on, balance and maneuver the virtual board as real snowboarders do on the mountain. The Catapult creates a highly realistic, fully interactive experience by combining the excitement and 3-d graphics of today's software game titles with the realism of an actual sports experience through the use of full body motion [rather than simply twiddling thumbs with hand controllers].  

The Catapult controller has been developed to be fully compatible with PC board titles for snow and skateboarding, as well as with Xbox, Playstation 2 and GameCube systems.  The Catapult will be on display at TOY FAIR (Slingshot Technology - Booth #4343) with demonstrations on Personal Computer and the Xbox.  TOY FAIR attendees are encouraged to play the game and experience the fun and excitement.

Released in late September, 2002, the Catapult has been recognized by industry publications (Gameweek, Next Generation, Smart Computing) in the US and in countries abroad from Norway to Japan, as a top new product.  Availability has, to this point, been limited to web sales and selected retail outlets in the Boston area.

In addition to the Catapult, Slingshot produces 'Soul Ride' game software which gives players the opportunity to ride the snowboard down fully detailed, true renderings of actual ski resorts like Stratton, Breckenridge and Jay Peak.

Slingshot was founded in 1997 to develop and market gaming hardware and software products.  Located in Natick, Massachusetts and on the web at, Slingshot products are made in the USA.

For more details contact Tom Hunersen, Chief Executive (917 969 3027) or Rob Podoloff, President (508 361 3427).