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Stop twiddling your thumbs and ride. Slingshot has created the Catapult snowboard game controller to give you a true boarding experience right in your own living room. Jump on the Catapult and twist, turn and carve your way through our Soul Ride snowboarding game or through your favorite boarding title.

The Catapult is easy to use and fun. The skateboard-size board (24" by 6") plugs right into your PC game port. It comes with a handheld controller to control jumping, grabs and other tricks. So, don't just sit there and play with your joystick, hop on the Catapult and ride for hours.

The Catapult comes with a copy of Soul Ride so you can start riding right away. Buy your living room snowboard today and then get out and challenge your friends.

The Catapult on TV

The Catapult Video

Have a look at the Catapult in action! You will need an mpeg movie player (like Windows Media Player) to view it. For best results, download the movie to your desktop and then play it from there (using Internet Explorer, for example, you can download the movie by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Save target as...").

Pick it up NOW at our Online Store!

Also available at:

BLADES Board & Skate - Boston Metro Stores

349A Newbury St (at Mass Ave) Boston, MA (617) 437-6300

38 JFK Blvd (in the Garage), Cambridge, MA (617) 491-4244

1260 Route 1 North (just south of Square 1 Mall), Saugus, MA (781) 233-7897

42 Route 9 East, Natick, MA (508) 655-1100

112 Burlington Mall Rd, Burlington, MA (781) 272-8877