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Slingshot Mailing List

We've got a few balls in the air here at Slingshot -- Soul Ride has shipped and is in stores now, we're putting the finishing touches on the production versions of The Catapult and we've recently released Virtual Stratton as a free download. In the upcoming weeks and months we'll be making a number of announcements about these products as well as related follow-ons.

If you want to get periodic updates via email as we release new products and enhance existing ones, then please register for our Slingshot Mailing List using the form below. As a thank-you for registering, we'll be holding drawings from time to time to give stuff away to lucky winners from the mailing list.

List details

Slingshot uses this mailing list to announce:
  • Product introductions
  • Contests and competitions
  • Beta testing opportunities

This is a low-volume announcement list. You can expect to receive an average of one email a month from us. We will not divulge personal information or email addresses to any third party, and we'll remove you immediately on request.

Send email to if you have any questions or concerns.